Campus Ambassador

If you ever wanted to be a leader and represent your college in an event, this is the best opportunity for you. The TechEagle Campus Ambassador Program is a platform for students who are passionate about Drones, UAVs and Aeromodelling to start and run an active club in their college. A TechEagle Campus Ambassador is a leader with a keen interest in starting and building a community.

Special Rewards for SUT-17

Based on the number of participants you bring for Summer UAV Training Program(i.e. the number of participants who register using your referral ID), you can win the following prizes:
1) 5+ participants: Branded Earphones worth 1000/-
2) 15+ participants: 1 TB Hard Disk worth 5000/-
3) 25+ participants: Smartphone worth 15000/-
4) 50+ participants: Laptop worth up to 40,000/-

Rewards for Top 5 CAs

Top 5 CAs will get a direct internship opportunity with TechEagle. The CAs will be ranked annually based on their performance throughout the year and active participation in TechEagle events.

  • Bring in maximum participation for TechEagle Training Programs and Workshops
  • Publicize TechEagle workshops in your college, on social Media and among the institute Administration
  • Organize events in your college on behalf of TechEagle
  • Influence people to join the Workshops and take part in the Surveys
  • Conduct surveys on what type of workshops the student community is expecting
  • Help the TechEagle team to conduct events
  • Forward mails to your institute mailing system
  • Interested students can also design posters or write blog posts for TechEagle events
  • Internship & Training Opportunities at TechEagle
  • Campus Ambassador certificate from TechEagle
  • Highlighted as a Campus Ambassador on TechEagle website
  • Minimum number of teams that you gather for workshops will entitle you to free TechEagle Workshops
  • Special discounts in any of the TechEagle Events
  • Opportunity to exhibit leadership skills
  • Opportunity to work closely with the team of TechEagle
  • Connect, Collaborate and work with fellow ambassadors
  • Goodies in the form of T-shirts, Caps, etc.

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