TechEagle is a startup of an alumnus of IIT Kanpur. We specialize in imparting Technical and Practical knowledge to the country’s youth in the field of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles/Drones. Our mission is to bridge the gap between the students’ theoretical and practical knowledge thus providing them a head-start in the UAV/Drone Industry.

Currently, we provide workshops on UAVs/DRONEs like the Trainer, Aerobatic, Flying Wing, Quadcopter, Tri-Copter and Trainings like the Summer & Winter UAV/Drone Training, Autopilot training, Professional Flying etc. These workshops and trainings have been designed to give you the best knowledge & skills while giving you a taste of Team-Work. The craftsmanship and skills you acquire will form the base to help you design and understand complex engineering systems, more than enough to make a difference in the aviation industry.

The Team consists of engineers from various departments.(After all, Aerospace sector is a confluence of all engineering fields).

Greetings from TechEagle!!!
Thank you for expression of interest and curiosity in TechEagle. You have finally located the best solutions towards improving your Aerospace Competence.
We will soon be launching various software based training facilities such as CFD, XFLR, and ANSYS while working on new manufacturing techniques in the hardware training sector. Stay updated and connected with us to get the best experience.
Thanks & Regards,
- Vikram Singh Meena
CEO & Founder-TechEagle